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What is Redemption.Cloud?

Redemption Technologies Inc. is a worldwide open source e-commerce marketplace platform that anonymously allows subscribers to pay with a cryptocurrency anywhere, even when cryptocurrencies are not accepted.

An ambitious and wide-ranging blockchain project that will disrupt the local merchant cryptocurrency payment business in a similar way to how Paypal disrupted the online payment business and how Uber spawned an evolution in transportation.

Redemption Technologies and PartyLink

Anonymous Redemption + Open Source Code

The REDEEM Platform will be offered free to developers so that it will be available to the thousands of app developers around the world in need of our solution.

REDEEM platform eliminates the three main problems facing cryptocurrencies and the blockchain today, the ability to remain anonymous, increased liquidity into everyday purchases and the time it takes to verify and complete a transaction. Existing solutions to these problems require user identifiable information such as their name, address, phone number and even social security numbers, leaving them vulnerable to security breaches and indentiy theft.

DEEM tokens allow subscribers the freedom to purchase goods and services anonymously, through a pool of accounts, which keeps user identities hidden, the way cryptocurrencies were intended to be spent.

Merchants do not have to be paid in a cryptocurrency for the goods and services they sell to users on the
REDEEM platform.

REDEEM Platform will be open source and easily integratable into any mobile application, allowing DEEM tokens to be used by the 4.7 billion worldwide mobile devices through an endless supply of Android and iOS applications.

How DEEM Tokens Are Used

Redemption Technologies and PartyLink

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