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Bounty Program

Bounty Campaign
Help raise awareness in the community by spreading positive news about Redemption Technologies and get rewarded with DEEM tokens. Our bounty program will help us communicate with the community about the advantages of participating in the Crowdsale. Redemption Technologies has allocated 1,000,000 tokens for the bounty program.

To participate using

Reddit Share a POSITIVE link about Redemption Technologies to this subreddit ETHTRADER

Websites and Blogs Write positive unique content about Redemption Technologies and post along with a link to Redemption.cloud on your website or blog.

After posting content as instructed, please submit a bounty request using our online form: Bounty Submission Form

After the crowdsale has completed, all participants submissions will be validated. You will then receive an email with your reward. Respond with your wallet address to receive your rewards. Submissions will receive DEEM tokens as a reward based on the amounts below.

You may earn up to 1 reward per method.

You may post on websites, blogs and reddit and earn a reward for each method.

Reddit Rewards Amounts: Postings and discussions that contain positive promotional content

  1. For each positive posting or link share on Reddit, you will receive 40 DEEM

Websites and Blogs Rewards Amounts: Articles and Forum posts that include positive promotional content will be rewarded based on the article content, where published and length of article.
  1. The amounts earned will be from 10-1000 DEEM based on our opinion of the quality and value of the posting

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